African Lotus Productions

 There can be no doubt that an unspoken, irreversible global transformation in human consciousness has already begun... All over the world there is a search for new understandings, for new ways of seeing, of thinking, of acting. An exciting and positive movement forward, towards helping build bridges between people, faiths, societies and nations that stood once divided. The profoundly powerful role of media in this unfolding evolution is becoming more and more apparent.


We, at African Lotus Productions have recognised this critically important space, and are fully committed to play our role as a media instrument in building a better and brighter world. This is succinctly articulated in our company vision “growing good through media” which directs and guides all our product offerings. From our spiritually enlightening documentaries to our widely acclaimed motion picture White Gold, and our recent short film The Dance, our weekly insert “Aum- moments of inspiration, to our current SABC 3 series Sadhana – The Inward Path.... African Lotus Productions is helping raise a collective consciousness. We are also working on our next motion picture, Keeping Up With The Kandasamys to be shot later in 2015. We invite you to be a part of our evolution in film and television production…



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